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Community Access Cable Channel 9
Stow, MA

Who We Are

Stow TV is our name for Stow's Public, Education and Government (PEG) community access television station. The Stow TV Coordinator, Anne VanTine, reports to the PEG Committee. [We will soon provide a link to the Stow TV page on the new town web site.]

The Public Education and Government (PEG) Committee oversees the operation of Stow TV. The committee makes policy, procedure, and purchasing decisions. [We will soon provide a link to the PEG Committee page on the new town web site.] PEG Committee members are:

Andy Dunn
Leonard Golder,
Ed Newman, Chair
Jim Parr
E. Ross Perry Jr.
Merrily Evdokimoff, Associate member

The Cable Advisory Committee negotiated the cable license, serves as a liason between the cable provider and consumers, and administers local origination programming resources. [We will soon provide a link to the Cable Committee page on the new town web site.] Cable Committee members are:

Lew Halprin, Chair
Arnold Buckman
Patricia Crawford
Robert Mong
George Scraggs

Volunteers have helped Stow TV in many ways::
  • George Scraggs and team constructed a room that could serve as a PEG Studio on the 3rd floor of the Town Building.
  • Lew Halprin and Bob Mong assist the Committee in many ways, including providing technical services and video taping.
  • Stow residents Mike Kopczynski and Justin Rosenbaum have assisted the PEG Program Coordinator by creating bulletin board material.
  • Stow resident Dan Hnatio, owner of Active Communications, provided video production support and loaned us equipment.
  • Stow resident Jim Albrycht provided technical consulting services.
  • Stow resident Arny Buckman contributed technical help and media, and and former resident Skip King contributed equipment.