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   Autumn in Eastern Massachusetts is apple time at the local orchards. This web site celebrates the apple orchards and their bountiful harvest. 

  A visit to an orchard can be a day's entertainment, with apple picking and other attractions such as hayrides and petting zoos.

"She likes it too" "Apple tree" "Anne enjoying an apple"

  Many apple varieties grow in Eastern Massachusetts.  Besides the pleasure of  biting into a fresh apple, you can enjoy other foods as American as apple pie and apple cider. Many orchards offer other seasonal fruits and you can always find fall pumpkins.  Some orchards feature nifty apple gadgets, cookbooks, and gifts.

Today is

An apple a day keeps...
The doctors away!

  There are varying ways to grow apples and all sorts of orchards from large to small.  Every season brings a different look and different work to be done in the orchards. Many orchards control pest problems naturally with Integrated Pest Management.  Across Massachusetts, most orchards remain in the tender care of families and contribute to conserving open space.