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 Hayrides and Animals

Starting out on a hayride   Many orchards offer entertainment in addition to the apples.  Hayrides and animals are two favorites. This is fun for the children and the young at heart. Young and old line up for hayrides around the orchard.  Honey-Pot Hill has a red tractor and a blue tractor on duty full time through apple season.

"Three Little Pigs at the orchard"Honey-Pot Hill's animals vary from  year to year, but there always are three little pigs with their houses of brick and wood. They also  usually have a goat, a sheep, a heifer, rabbits, ducks and bright-colored chickens.

"The Maze at Honey-Pot Hill"The latest entertainment at Honey-Pot is the maze.  For several years it's been a pet project to grow the hedges, and finally in 1999 they were ready.  There's even an entrance fee.  The human mouse usually takes about 15 minutes to find his or her way through the maze to the exit.

"Enjoying a fall day at Honey-Pot Hill"This scene at Honey-Pot Hill Orchards shows people watching the animals and having picnics.  On a weekday, many of these are children with their teachers, having an educational and entertaining field trip.