Anne's Cape Cod Favorites

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Beaches are what brings many people to the Cape. This picture illustrates the flat beaches on Cape Cod Bay in Brewster and Orleans. A visit to a beach can be combined with a walk, a bicycle ride, some boating, or sightseeing.

Cape Cod Bay Beach CapeGuide has a list of Cape beaches with directions. Another list is at SunSol. The list at Cape Cod Recreation includes many ponds. Parking restrictions can plague the casual beachgoer. Some towns require you to buy a parking sticker ahead of time. A good way to get free entry is on your bicycle.

The Cape has a variety of beaches for different kinds of fun.

  • Along the Atlantic Ocean, beaches have the most exciting surf and the coldest water.
  • On Cape Cod Bay, beaches are more sheltered. They're positioned for watching sunsets. Many are so flat that low tide exposes a wide expanse of beach with tidewater pools, as in this picture.
  • On Nantucket Sound, beaches are also more sheltered than those facing east.
  • Pleasant Bay and other protected saltwater such as Chatham's Oyster Pond stay far warmer than the ocean waters they connect with. They're great for swimming, combining the best aspects of salt water and lakes. The tides change, the water is salty, and interesting creatures live in the marshes.
  • Freshwater lakes and ponds are plentiful on the Cape and many have public beaches.