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Throughout the Cape are many well-maintained trails that are scenic, interesting, and easy to walk. (This walker unfortunately left those trails.) The Cape benefits from the efforts of many conservation efforts at the federal, state and local levels as well as private organizations. The crowds don't throng to walking trails; often you can feel you're out in the wilderness alone.

Walking in the MarshesShort Nature Walks by Hugh and Heather Sadlier, published by the Globe Pequot Press describes 21 nature walks on the Cape mainland. It has maps and it's small enough to carry around.

The Cape Cod Trails Conference features detailed descriptions and maps for Long Nature Walks of up to ten miles. They explore many territories that one might not venture into without this guide. The site includes pointers to other walks, bicycle rides, and other activities.

Many conservation areas are relatively unknown and undocumented, like Pah Wah Point and the new Kent Point lands in Orleans. Cape Cod Pathways lists many local conservation lands by town and scheduled walks.

Having a knowledgeable guide often makes a walk more interesting. Some guided walks take you to places that would be off-limits or difficult to find otherwise. The National Seashore leads guided walks at the two Visitor Centers and other locations. Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary and Cape Cod Museum of Natural History both lead guided walks at their centers. Descriptions of the trails can also be found at the web sites of these organizations.