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The Salt Pond Visitor Center is a central point for activities. Just south of there is the Fort Hill area, rich in history and a variety of ecosystems. Walk the trails and tour Captain Penniman's house. Schedule tours of Nauset Lighthouse and the 3 Sisters. Check out the windmill on town common.

See the Eastham overview and Chamber of Commerce sites, and check out Eastham restaurants. Also see Kathy Schrock's Guide.

Nauset Marsh

Nauset Marsh viewed from Fort Hill

Things to Do

beaches bicycling walking National Seashore Salt Pond Visitor Center

The Cape Cod National Seashore Visitor Center at Salt Pond has exhibits, a film showing the Cape's shifting sands over time, walking trails, and a shuttle bus and bicycle trail toCoast Guard Beach. The National Seashore sponsors many tours and programs at the Visitor Center and elsewhere. See the Tours page for additional information, or go directly to the National Seashore web site.

The 1.2 mi. walking trail takes you along the edge of Salt Pond and Nauset Marsh. The National Seashore offers a guided walk called "The Outermost Beach" that follows in the footsteps of Henry David Thoreau and Henry Beston. The 1.6 mi. Nauset bicycle trail takes you up and down forest hills and across a marsh on a boardwalk to Coast Guard Beach.

boating walking Nauset Marsh from Salt Pond

Nauset Marsh covers a wide expanse between Eastham and Orleans. Salt Pond at the National Seashore Visitor Center opens into Nauset Marsh. The Seashore offers guided canoe trips through Nauset Marsh beginning at Salt Pond. You can even take a canoe lesson. The Seashore also offeres walking explorations of Nauset marsh, including "The Lore of Nauset Marsh" and "Underseas Mysteries of Nauset Marsh." Check with the National Seashore for times.

walking Fort Hill Trails

The Fort Hill Trail takes you across meadow to the Red Maple Swamp, where a boardwalk lets you walk through the heart of the swamp. I've walked a lot of nature trails, and the Red Maple Swamp was one of the most intriqing, taking me into an unfamiliar environment. Back across the meadow, you come to a walk along the cliffs overlooking Nauset Marsh. The trail is described in the National Seashore web site and the Short Nature Walks book. 1.2 miles north of the rte 6 and 28 rotary, turn off rte 6 at Governor Prence Road to Fort Hill Road.

sightseeing Captain Penniman House

Take a guided tour of this historic home and learn its history. The house is next to the parking lot at Fort Hill, so combine the tour with a walk on the Fort Hill trails. There are also open house times. Check with the National Seashore for times.

sightseeing Nauset Lighthouse and 3 Sisters Lighthouses

Nauset Lighthouse was recently moved back from the edge of the cliff. Sundays 4:30-7:30 in summer you can tour inside the lighthouse and climb to the top. The schedule of tour times includes a map. Arrive early on a nice day to stand in line. The National Seashore also gives a historical tour of the 3 Sisters lighthouses in the same area, and takes you into one of the lighthouses. For a nice photo of the Light, see Jay Pulli' s web site.Nauset Light parking lot is at the north end of Ocean View Drive.

sightseeing Windmill on Town Common

The Eastham Windmill on the town common is usually open with a volunteer explaining its works. If you're lucky, Jim Owens may be the volunteer. He probably knows more about windmills than anyone else on the Cape. The Eastham Windmill was built about 1688 and moved to Eastham in 1793. The Eastham town common is on the west side of Rte 6 just north of the Orleans town line.

bicycling The Rail Trail

The Rail Trail passes through Eastham from Orleans to Wellfleet. It's flat and open and the paved surface is smooth. You can get on and off at Locust Road, just across Rte 6 from the Salt Pond Visitor Center.