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Serving Maryland Blue Crabs

The Quarterdeck teams up with local microbreweries to present special feasts. These are great fun and a good way to meet new friends too.  Tables are grouped together and dinner is served family style.  The main course is something messy to eat with your hands, like Maryland Blue Crabs or Lobster. The St. Patrick's Day feast also features green beer and a limerick contest.

Glass of beerThe brewery provides a different ale to complement each course.  The brewers attend and often tell about each brew as they serve it.  This is a great way to taste a variety of the wonderful brews produced by microbreweries.  At a recent feast, New Hampshire's Nutfield Brewery served "Old Man Ale", "Hop Fest", "Auburn Ale", and "Black 47 Stout".

Enjoying the feastIt takes a hammer to crack the shellsTables are covered with newspaper for the crab feast, and everyone gets a hammer.  Old hands instruct the newcomers on how to extract the sweet, edible parts of the crab. Conversation is lively and it's always fun.  Click here to learn more about Maryland Blue Crabs.

Feasts include both appetizers and hors d'oeuvres!  Typical starters are Spicy Fried Lobster Fritters,  Thai Style Lobster Spring Rolls, Lobster Pate and Lobster Salad Nicoise.  Desserts are seasonal treats made with local produce, like Strawberry Shortcake in July and Apple Crisp in autumn -- or Chocolate Mousse topped with whipped cream.