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Fish Market
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Groceries & Gifts

You can plan a whole meal and get all the ingredients at the Quarterdeck.  We feature organic vegetables, breads and starches, and all sorts of sauces. There's charcoal for the grill, lemons for the fish, and gifts to remind you of the sea.

Potatoes and vegetables in season come from the local family-owned Mung farm in Stow.  The produce is raised organically and always fresh.

Fresh baked sourdough bread  is always available.

Groceries range from olive oil,  pasta and rice to salad dressings and sauces. Experiment with the different sauces and tastes from all over the world. For grilling, charcoal and cool grilling utensils are available.

Looking for a gift for a fisherman or someone who loves the shore?  Check out the Quarterdeck gifts.  There's lanterns and ships and plates and pictures and much more.

Fish Sauces

Fishy Gifts

Charcoal for grilling the fish