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Fish Feature

House Smoked Salmon

House smoked salmon and bluefish are special treats from the Quarterdeck.  Owner Chris Basile made the smoker that's used right behind the market, usually three times a week.

The process goes something like this: soak the salmon in brine with rosemary for 24 hours, then air dry it for three hours.  Then the salmon is smoked for 2 1/2 hours with apple wood.  The apple wood gives a lighter flavor than hickory, which is also sometimes used.  Bluefish is flavored differently by soaking in a brine with soy sauce and brown sugar. The Quarterdeck smoking process cooks the fish completely.

About Scallops

The Quarterdeck only carries scallops when they can get excellent ones.   Chatham scallops are famous, but Chris believes Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard scallops are even better.  You can usually find them at the market.

The Quarterdeck also offers special scallops when when they can find them.  During a brief mid-winter season, extra sweet little bay scallops are available.

Diver scallops are picked by divers wearing wet suits, going in little motor boats to remote areas like the Maine islands.  Larger boats with draggers cannot get into these areas, so the scallops have grown undisturbed deep in pristine waters.  These happy scallops grow to the large size (for a scallop) of 5 oz.  They taste as sweet as candy, but they usually cost about $25 per lb.  

Apple Smoked Rosemary Brined Salmon

Scallops and Salmon